6 Types of Health That Make Up Your Body

“Take Control Of Your Health Naturally”

Social Health

Social health refers to a person’s ability to interact with others and thrives in social settings. Social health has shown to assist in reducing a variety of well-being concerns including loneliness, feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness, and feelings of worthlessness.

It is also shown to play a strong role in a person’s happiness. Social health has shown to act as a buffer or protective effect against the worrying symptoms of dementia such as memory loss, thinking and reasoning problems, and loss of speech. Social health also plays a strong role in a person’s ability to create and maintain friendships and networks.

Emotional Health

Emotional health is the capacity to perceive, interpret, and deal with emotions such as worry, anger, sadness, and joy, as well as to have the capacity to feel pleasure and to love. In addition, emotional health refers to our inner feels and the way we deal with our problems.

It is our emotional health that suggests that we may be suffering from a conflict between our physical and mental health. Researchers are still in the process of understanding the relationship between physical and mental health, but it is expected that in the future there will be major medical breakthroughs related to the way both health systems are integrated.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is the inner spiritual life of the individual. It is also the capacity to experience a personal connection with an Ultimate or Higher Being.

The quality of spiritual health is directly related to one’s religious and spiritual beliefs. There are three main types of spiritual health:

Physical Health

Physical health is the ability to move our body physically and the ability to interact with our environment.

Some of the major categories of physical health include:

Mental Health

Mental health is the ability to relate to ourselves and to our lives in the context of the world, and the ability to develop our creativity and imagination. When a person encounters creative challenges, the brain produces chemicals known as neurotransmitters that enhance our ability to think, reason, and focus.

Many mental challenges only require minimal stimulation to the brain to produce specific chemicals, such as having a difficult conversation or meeting a challenge successfully.

If one experiences spiritual challenges, these may require increased mental focus to produce neurotransmitters that link our brain activities to the external world, which enhance our spirituality and mental acuity.

Spiritual challenges can influence personal values and transform beliefs and patterns of behavior, which have long been believed to be impacted by many life circumstances.

Physical and Spiritual Well-Being

When we are healthy physically, it directly links our spiritual health. All of the body’s systems are directly influenced by the spiritual brain. In fact, the spiritual brain is directly related to all the organs and systems of our body.

Our spiritual health is the great healer of our physical health. To remain spiritually healthy, it is important to live a life with a high degree of tolerance and openness to the spirit.

Good Diet

One of the most important factors of spiritual and physical health is the diet that we consume. Of great importance is the quality of food that we eat. It is believed that it is unhealthy to eat food that is low in vitamins, especially vitamin C. Also, foods that are high in sugar, such as fructose, need to be eliminated from the diet.

Being spiritually fed means that you have the ability to easily adjust our diet according to our spiritual needs. Foods that are high in nutrients are those that have high fiber content. This helps to sustain our body cells.


Proper exercise is vital to remain spiritually healthy. Most importantly, exercise has the ability to move not only our spirit but also enhance the functions of our physical system.

Over 30 minutes a day, the body is always moving. Even when sleeping, the body is always stretched out. When we do not regularly exercise our body, we can suffer mechanical disorders, such as back or neck problems.

Spiritual Well-Being

Our spiritual health is the force that gives us life and makes us act in accordance with our higher self. It is a state of being spiritual, which means that our character and ourselves are more consistent, self-confident, and trustworthy.

When we are spiritually well, we can have a natural tendency to be optimistic, since we feel that we are indeed a product of God. This state of being spiritual suggests that our relationship with God is at its best state.


Perhaps the biggest factor that causes us to be spiritually not well is the amount of stress that we allow in our lives. A great amount of stress can hinder our ability to be spiritually healthy since it can weaken our ability to adapt to the very drastic changes that we experience when we get sick or have problems.

We must strive to have low stress in our lives.