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High School Yearbook on CD!


My Old Yearbook™ CD is YOUR Yearbook on Compact Disc.  It is an easy to use CD that will run on Mac and Windows® based computers.  You can flip through the CD page by page just as one would with a traditional yearbook.  Due to the image quality and the unique assembly of the software, you can pan and zoom through your yearbook like never before.  It beautifully captures the experience of paging through a yearbook and rekindles the thoughts and feelings of those precious days of our youth.


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  • Yearbook Cover and Spine on the Jewel Case
  • Quickly Find Classmates
  • Zoom up to 1600% - You’ll be able to read every word of text
  • Flip Through Your Yearbook Page-by-page, Cover-to-cover, Or Quickly Jump to a Specific Page
  • Simple Point and Click Navigation
  • High Quality Photo Enhancements (Easily See Small Pictures Like Those in Group Photos)
  • A Electronic Replica Capturing Black and White as Well as Color Photos and Text



Each CD is $29.95 plus $5.25 for Shipping and Handling


OUR GOAL is to have every GHS yearbook available on CD.


The yearbooks on CD are brought to you by You can order your CDs through this site as they become available. Or, we can work with reunion planners to make CDs available at your reunion (no shipping and handling costs). Please have your reunion planners contact us (we have special news for planners).


Not all class yearbooks are available yet. The minimum quantity we must order from ECC is twenty CDs for the initial build of a yearbook. You can reserve a CD for class yearbooks that have not yet been built. When the number of reservations approaches twenty, you will be informed that it is time to place an order. Right now, we have at least one reservation per yearbook, and some yearbooks are half way to the minimum requirement. Tell your friends to reserve now!


Web site maintenance and CD coordination are provided as volunteer services to GHS alumni. All receipts from yearbooks on CD will go back into yearbooks for additional classes.


Order CDs

Print and fill out a form and send it in with your check.

Available for order:  1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1984, 1986, 1988, and 1994. CDs for 1985 and 1987 are in process.


Reserve CDs

Reserve your CD for any year not listed as available for ordering.


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