The Las Vegas Strip

On the east side of Las Vegas, visitors will find their neon colors blotted out by high-rise apartments. On the south, meanwhile, is the world of neon jewelry, diamond stores, and neon clothing. Off the strip, and away from the mega-resorts, there’s neon jewelry at Flea Market Helena in West Hollywood, California, Sam’s Club in Hollywood, and Sunday payment markets in Hollywood.

Neon jewelry is the quintessential accessory of the trip. It’s a sparkling display of what Filipinos prioritize on a daily basis: their good luck. You’ll find bright yellow and pink barges in Hong Kong that say things like “I Love You” in Mandarin. And when you venture into mainland China, near Shanghai, get a tuna from the vendor outside a Shanghai department store. You’ll hear him declare, “I’m selling you lots of pairs of socks.”

Much in the same way, but on a more unitary scale, are the glowing carat stores in Burma (my pick!), the huge flower markets in Thailand, and Hong Kong’s biggest neon Favorableshop (Dona aside).

Hong Kong culture is a blend of Chinese and Cantonese, as you will see in the statue outside the Hong Kong consulate of the Hong Kong Sale Cemetary, as well as the ambiance in the Victoria and Albert’s Hong Kong store.

My bowl inscribed with auspicious yet meaningful Chinese imagery provides inspiration as I canoe down Victoria Harbor at the Ngong Ping August Astropec. I’m not usually the aqua kayaker, but this is Hong Kong and you had better paddle hard or get out. Hong Kong became a British Colony in 1841, but the invaders (the mainland British, really) were tolerant and provided infrastructure and population building.

Hong Kong is also the host to one of the world’s most dazzling shopping experiences. It is a shopper’s paradise. On the strip, you will find just about everything you’ve been led to believe is here – dozens of fashion retailers that rival Saks Fifth Avenue, and even more restaurants, cafes, and bars than you could ever do in a thousand lifetimes. Most everything in Hong Kong has another outlet a few blocks down the road. It is a shopping district and no matter what your interest, there is a shop for it. It is the one place in the world where you can wear a two-piece tightly white shirt and a beige sport coat in the same day. Jeans here are not only cut off at the knee, but they are also invented for twice the walkability of leg-bound garments.

I was once told that Hong Kong is an atheist heaven. Not exactly, but there are enough temples around to accommodate those who don’t believe in superstition.

Hong Kong is more Americanized in the image than culture. History is almost as watered down in this city as it is in Manhattan. The Tiananmen Square, three times referred to as the ‘Mother Square’ in the Cultural Revolution of the Sixties, is an architectural marvel. segments of the square are plunked with hundreds of drinking cups in an obvious attempt to recreate the atmosphere of the Eastern Holy Temple in Beijing. Hong Kong as a Michelin-starred city is no longer the playground of Tses but is acceptable to a point. An estimated 50,000 visitors occupy the square on any given day.


Manhattan is the only American city containing a Fortune 500 company. pronounced millionaires are hard to find but there you are. Hotel and rental car rates are among the highest in the world. You can’t even find a table at the local Chinese restaurant. In many cases, waiters expect tips.

The Goonies

These were the kids who, day after day, dreamed up new ways to spend their newfound freedom. They were also the ones constantly on the move looking for the big one. Like everywhere else, Greenwich Village was a melting pot of immigrants and Typically American kids on their summer holiday.

It is hard to place exactly where Greenwich Village began. circulate stories abound as to where it began and since there seems to be little upper-class residential architecture, it could well have been where the initial waves of Jewish refugees ended.

What is beyond doubt though is that the neighborhood has become a cultural and artistic center in North America and this is a place that draws on the Talented and determined.

Talented and determined enough to move beyond the neighborhood and into adjoining areas, they created a place that quickly became a magnet for others seeking their fortune and some staying for a few years.